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Crypto twitter turns Greenpeace’s try to vilify BTC by way of artwork piece into meme


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Greenpeace USA revealed an artwork piece known as the “Cranium of Satoshi” to depict the “ravenous consumption of fossil fuels” by the flagship cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC).

The piece entails shadowy coders underneath a cranium manufactured from laptop {hardware} with a backdrop of varied industrial constructions associated to power manufacturing.

The Cranium of Satoshi is the newest in Greenpeace’s now year-long “Change the code” marketing campaign to vilify Bitcoin by portray it as an environmental hazard as a result of consumption of electrical energy in mining.

Greenpeace supposed for the artwork set up to turn into an emblem of the environmental destruction brought on by BTC; nevertheless, the piece appears to have had the alternative influence on the neighborhood.

Elevated to meme standing

Proponents of Bitcoin principally appear amused by the piece and are rapidly making it a meme inside the neighborhood. Some have even adopted it as their new profile image.

Crypto Twitter’s evaluation revealed that the {hardware} used within the cranium was severely outdated and principally employed tech that had nothing to do with Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, the constructions depicted within the piece are Nuclear reactor cooling towers, which emit water vapor and don’t have any opposed influence on the atmosphere in comparison with fossil fuels.

Others joked about shopping for the cranium to make use of as ornament of their mining setups.

Change the code

Greenpeace first started crusading towards Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in 2022 by launching a marketing campaign to “change the code” of Bitcoin to take away its proof-of-work (PoW) validation mechanism.

The marketing campaign’s purpose is to push builders to make Bitcoin a proof-of-stake (PoS) coin as a substitute — like Ethereum, which transitioned from PoW to PoS in 2022.

Bitcoin at the moment requires astronomical quantities of computing energy to validate blocks on its community as miners have been competing for the BTC rewards for nicely over a decade now. The aggressive nature of mining is a double-edged sword because it will increase the general safety of the blockchain however it additionally requires an increasing number of power to maintain the system operating.

Nonetheless, as a result of rising prices of electrical energy the world over in recent times, miners are more and more turning to off-grid options — a few of which make use of inexperienced power manufacturing like photo voltaic.



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