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multi signature – Can multisig transaction comprise two vacation spot addresses beside transaction charge and UTXO?

To make clear, a transaction spends a number of inputs (that are outputs of earlier transactions) and creates a number of outputs (typically together with a “change output” sending extra worth again to the sender). The mining charge is simply given implicitly by the distinction between the full enter and output values.

If a transaction accommodates a number of inputs whose prevouts are encumbered with a multisignature script, we would name it a multisig transaction, however the multisig solely actually occurs on the particular person enter stage. The signature accompanying this enter have to be a results of an settlement between a number of events, however this does not place some other limitations on what the transaction can appear like, so long as the events agree on it. A multisig transaction can have 100 outputs to 100 completely different addresses, similar to a non-multisig transaction.

So sure, it’s undoubtedly attainable for the escrow to have an output that pays them a charge within the transaction that additionally pays out the vendor.



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